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Factory Cat 48

The small rider sweeper Factory Cat 48 is a machine specifically built for the most demanding heavy duty users.

It's the last small rider sweeper on the world market to be made using 100% heavy duty steel.

Typically this small rider sweeper is bought by a buyer who knows he has tough and abusive operating conditions and expects a machine to last 20 years.

The Factory cat 48 Heavy Duty Small Rider Sweeper has several award winning features including but not limited to:
Baghouse Dust Filtration. Arguably the best dust filtration system available. It offers trouble free dust control and will filter dust down to 3 microns. The baghouse filter need only be serviced every 3 or so years saving you thousands of dollars in maintenance bills when comparing this machine to cheaper sweepers using antiquated and expensive disposable dust paper filters.

Direct throw sweeping system. Whether you are in an Aluminium smelter, a distribution warehouse or a concrete yard this machine will pick up 100% of the debris regardless of the floor condition. It out sweeps other types of machines and the brooms can be worn right down to the core ensuring maximum life of brushes.

Direct Drive to rear wheels. The heavy duty small rider sweeper Factory Cat 48 has a drive system that powers both rear wheels ensuring maximum climbing capabilities and traction control.

The heavy duty small rider sweeper Factory Cat 48 is an extremely comfortable machine to drive and operator training is generally limited to about 30 seconds.

So not only is the machine strong, reliable and comfortable, it ensures your purchase becomes an investment rather than a cost.

Ask for the small rider sweeper Factory Cat 48 by name.

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Asc Factory Cat 48 - Photo Gallery

Features & EquipmentASC Factory Cat 48
    • Designed to last.
    • Heavy Duty Construction.
    • Easy to use.
    • Will not break like plastic machine.
    • Narrow design.
    • Excellent manoeuvrability.
    • Direst throw sweeping system.
    • Dust free system.
    • Heavy duty battery.
    • On board charger.
    • 6-8 hour run time.
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Demonstration Videos

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Asc Factory Cat 48
Quick SpecsAsc Factory Cat 48
Model   Factory Cat 48
Main Brush Width inch 32
Total Sweeping Path inch 48
Maximum Cleaning Capacity sq. ft/hr 60,56
Hopper Capacity cubic ft. 4
Power Source   Battery
Bag House Dust Filter   Standard

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